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bernie weishapl
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Ed I am sorry to hear about your wife. Will keep you and her in our thoughts and prayers. Chris is right though with all the advancements in the medical field today hopefully she will make a full recovery. My Aunt did but like Chris said there will be some life style changes such as diet, exercise, and above all no stress she will hopefully do fine.

What kind of movement are you looking for Ed? Chain driven, cable driven or spring wound. I will look when I go to the shop today and see what I have. I think I have a couple of decent 451.050 with either 85 cm or 94 cm pendulums. You would just have to find weights, dial, chime assembly and pendulum. If I have a decent one I will send it to you for free if you want it. I would think a 451-050 85 or 94 would be just fine in that clock. The one’s I have worked on that had your shape of case that was about the length and all 3 were stick pendulums. They were also all chain driven movements. Let us know.

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