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This pup wore me out!!!!! It will take 3 days to recuperate.. also found a nice little present she left for me 🙄 I wonder what kind of cleaning solution I should use???? I will probably just carefully cover it with a paper towel until my wife finds it….
@Bob Tascione wrote:

so…where are you going to sleep now?

I have a bed set up between the lathes and the bushing machine, right in front of the computer so I can fall asleep watching the clock and watch videos ;)
On a more serious note, finding puppy hair on the bench-top (maybe it is my hair), that wont cut it…. the thought is, does anyone wear a schmock while working on clocks or watches to help keep the hair and fuzzies from getting all over? I had a ships clock come in because it had stopped, I found a eyelash in the escapement area. of coarse unless I put a plastic bag over my head I suppose a schmock wont help much. William

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