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pdfal, welcome to the forum. You will find that there are a bunch of very knowledgeable people here, that are more than willing to help. I have only been working on clocks for a little over a year, and have already cleaned and overhauled several for profit. I started out (after watching Bob’s course many, many times) buying cheap movements on e-bay that matched the movement in my personal clocks. Once I had a movement, I would take one of my movements apart and try to clean and reassemble it. If I had trouble getting the parts in the right place, I could use the purchased movement to find they’re correct location. Now I have movements to supply spare parts :D. Once you learn the function of the strike mech. it takes most of the frustration out of reassembly. I think the very first tool to buy are the let down keys. Do not try to let the winding springs down with the key. If you decide to try it anyway, have plenty of bandages at the ready. I speak from experience 😯 You can use wire( which I prefer) to retain the springs, but you will need a spring winder. I started out winding them in a gloved hand. It is not a safe practice( again have the bandages handy). I think the first few movements my wife put ems on speed dial just incase 8-) Just remember, there are no stupid questions. If you ask someone here will have the answer or tell you where to look. Mahlon