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chris mabbott
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Chaplin I think it would also be nice to know what kind of movement this is. Is it an 18, 16, full plate, 3/4. What make is it also? Does it have jewels?

If possible can you post a few photos?

When you put in the balance wheel, connect the hairspring stud, tighten down the balance cock screw, does the balance move freely when you give it a twist?
If yes, like William has mentioned, how does the action of the escapement look?

Also try this… With the movement securely in a holder, take a piece of peg wood or toothpick and carefully apply a little pressure to the main wheel, I do it on the teeth, apply the pressure in the direction of normal travel, as in the way the MS would rotate the gear.
With your pressure on the wheel, try to give the balance a nudge and see if it works.

As I say, be careful with the pressure you apply and try to keep your wood in the same plain as the gear, Don’t push down or something may break. If this is a full plate, then it is very difficult to do this, but it can be done on the MS teeth.