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chris mabbott
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Sometimes, not always, some watches don’t start until a few winds, or after a twist. A couple of things I’ve remembered are…

1. check the second hand pivot, the part that projects through the dial somewhat. Sometimes, if you’ve put the dial back on, it can catch or is not center. Also I had a problem when the pivot, of this same gear, bent just enough that it would slightly bind on the jewel, which prevented instant start, only after 3/4 winding.

2. Check the regulator curb pins, those two little brass pins that the hairspring slips through. You or someone, may have inadvertently bent them slightly as it is really easy to do, I sometimes forget about them.

If they are too close together or too tight, it can make for a hard start and slow oscillation. OR If the HS has not entered them, yet the stud is in position, it can also bind the works..

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