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chris mabbott
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Hi Chaplin,

I agree with Bob on this and if I may ask you…. When you mention that everything looks fine after cleaning/inspection, does this mean that you have tested the train without the pallet fork installed? i.e. assembled the movement and wound the mainspring slightly to see if the train engages smoothly and runs freely?

After testing this, do you then install the pallet fork and balance, then apply tension to the mainspring, or are you installing the balance with the mainspring fully wound?

Everyone has their own method that works for them but personally I aire on the side of caution as things can go horribly awry when there is power on the MS.
Some other reasons that the balance will not start can be..

Misaligned pivots in the jewels
Misaligned balance cock
Jammed hairspring
Balance jewels not replaced correctly, causing a bind
Pallet fork is binding

If you could provide a little more detail about your movement, possibly a photo…


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