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chris mabbott
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Thanks Daryn

It’s a fun project if you can remember how it goes back together 😆

I agree, the construction was the main reason I FINALLY after months of deciding, i chose the Seig.. It’s as solid as a brick outhouse.

I would say that the reason for the none finishing is that it increases the end cost tof the distributor and they then have to increase their final cost to reflect the extra work required.
You can see this on the optimum lathes that are made in China but finished in Germany. The price is obviously higher.
The optimum mill I saw that came out the box was perfect, nicely greased and oiled, smooth etc..

That being said, I would still go with the Seig, I know that whatever attachments I get that are from the supplier, I will have to strip, clean, adjust, tweak a little & lubricate properly. The vice and rotary tables were the same..

It’s a big decision & a good chunk of cash, it’s not like you can simply pack it up and send it back if you’re not happy.
In the end though, at least for me, I got tired of researching and comparing…. I just wanted a machine..

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