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chris mabbott
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Howdy all,

Just an update to this thread…. Today I finally made up my damn mind and ordered the Seig super X3 mill, phew, what a relief 😆

Now I have to set up my SS bench for it to arrive as it weighs in at almost 200k. I want to mount my bench on heavy industrial ball bearing wheels, so I can move it around if needed, ya know how work areas tend to grow and morph, they’re in constant change and, dare I say “improvement”

I just want to say a big thank you to Mr Pierce who gave me lots of good advice which was a huge determining factor in my final decision. Also to everyone else who I molested with never ending questions and youtube links 😆

Its amazing because I’ve been working around this field for the past 30 yrs, but did I pay attention…… of course not 😳 I simply handed the requirements to the trusty machinist, smiled and nodded my head, then went for coffee 😆

Don’t expect any wondrous miracles to appear, ya know, like the kinda things that come out of Williams, Paul, Bob’s shops, my first project will be….?? Jesus, I don’t know, I even forgot the lie I told my better half to justify the expense and space consumption 😆

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