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chris mabbott
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David, thanks for checking in as I was patiently waiting for your opinion, which I value.

Ive been teetering on the MT/R8 choice but with your comment I think I will go R8. As you’ve mentioned before, easier to change out tools rather than giving it a whack lol.

I was for a brief moment considering the X1 as it is a higher speed, 5000rpm as opposed to 2500 on the larger high torque models. But then I realized that I’d probably never use 2500 rpm, much, not that I’m going to be cutting thick and hard, nor anything that requires that high a speed.
Mostly for watch parts, some drilling. The materials I’ll be using will be brass, aluminum, mild to medium steel and wood.

Which bring me to my next question, end mill selection..

For wood, I understand that HSS 2 or 3 flute mills are better for wood, less chip clog, and they run cooler than cobalt/carbide cutters?

For the other soft to medium materials, I suppose the 4 flute carbide cutters would produce a better finish.

I’ve been watching many demos of various models on YouTube, the thing that I noticed most is that very few people use a cutting fluid. It was drilled into us that no matter what, you ALWAYS use a medium to maintain coolness, lubricate the cutter, and flush away chips thus improving end finish.

Am I missing a new trade secret or is it laziness, lack of knowledge, or not wanting a mess lol

Thanks for your responses gents..

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