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bernie weishapl
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Thanks to all.

Arthua I have a jig I made for doing that. I will post a pic’s tomorrow. It has roller bearings on either side of the shaft and keeps the file flat and on plane.

David I did burnish and polish pivots on these. I also polished the wheel to get it ready for the click and click spring. The part that will hold the spring didn’t get polished because I had to put the pin in that grabs the inner mainspring. Even when I repivot I burnish and polish the pivots.

Mahlon I used the wrench from Taig on the headstock and another wrench from my tool box on the collet holder. I tightened it down to do the pivots on the three wheels. When I repivoted them I used the ER collects and they tightened down with no problems and held tightly. David is right in that these collets do hold better and I think more accurately than the WW collets. Could be just me.

William thanks. It does give a great sense of satisfaction to do those things. It is very enjoyable and wish I had bought it sooner.

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