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Lets assume that the desired hole is .051. You pull out .050 -.0001 from the under size set and you pull out .050 from the over size set. Both gauges go through the hole so you put them back into the box an pull out .051 -.0001 and .051 +.0001. You find that .051 -.0001 will pass through the hole but .051 +.0001 will not. You now know that the hole diameter is under .0511″ and over .0509″. This will not necessarily be the arithmatic mean but if the specified part dimension is .051 + or – .0001, then you know that you are within that tolerance.
For the shaft (pivot) diameter if you have a dial indicator that is marked in .0001 inches or .01 mm, lay the pivot on a flat precision surface and measure it with a dial indicator.

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