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@david pierce wrote:

Pin gauges should be used in pairs. You need to find the largest size pin gauge that will go through the hole and the smallest size gauge that will not. The actual hole size, by default, will be between these two sizes. To increase the accuracy of your measurement, pin gauge sets (VERMONT) are produced in over and under sizes. This will be +.0001″ and
-.0001″ for each given pin diameter.


I have a plus and a minus set. So if I understand you correctly, I use the plus set to find the largest that will go through and find the smallest pin from the minus set that will not. Then take the mean bewteen the sizes for the actual size?

How do you measure a jewel hole? What I would like to be able to do is to measure the size of the pivots, add 0.01mm to those dimensions and that will be the hole size. I just can’t seem to ge a consistent reading under the microscope. I put the balance into a small hole in a bench block to hold it, and tried to measure it with my digital caliper. However, it moves around a little so my readings vary. Plus… I’m afraid if I do this very many times, I’ll score, bend, or even break one.

Any thoughts?


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