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chris mabbott
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I can only agree with my esteemed brothers in time. I sometimes spend the whole day just hand polishing gears/pivots, then another day on the screws, maybe 5 hours polishing the plates. There is an unrivaled pleasure in washing away the dirt and grime and seeing a nice shine appear, then everything slips together and moves freely, you know every mm of the watch, every problem, because you’ve been staring at it for so long. You have become one with your work :)

Once it’s over and the satisfaction begins to fade and you start to look for another watch, then you know you’ve got the bug 😆

Disclaimer : Potential joke with vulgar connotations is about to be inserted. 18 and up only..

When I clean a watch it reminds me of a joke about the two bulls..

Two bulls are up on a hill, a young bull and an old bull. Below are a herd of cows, grazing.
The young bull states… Lets run down there and jump on one of those cows!!
The old bull replies, why don’t we walk down and jump all of them..