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some of these watch movements you see would have had gold cases, all that craftsmanship gone to be melted down to make naff rings or chains :(
I was reading an article about this guy who was working in Clerkenwell just after the war. Customers were bringing in old verge pocket watches which the jeweler was buying for the gold. As soon as the customer left the movement was removed and the enameling smashed off of the case so the gold could be re-used. The guy writing the article said he lost count of how many watches ended up like this as at the time there was quite a gold shortage. When he thinks back now to that time it makes him feel sick. I had a similar feeling while reading the article :(

Peggy, I dont need any cases, I just wonder were all those movements came from, they were in cases once. I just hope this guy isn’t throwing out the cases just to sell the movements although in this day and age a complete clock is worth more than just the movement.


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