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Wow – I just found this thread. I have TWO of the watchmaker’s lathe covers, and they are just superb! It’s funny, I always say I like anything as long as it’s really well done (like music, watches, cars, tools…anything) – and these covers are EXTREMELY well-made, with plenty of attention to detail. And they are sized to perfectly fit right over a normal WW-sized lathe, with the headstock and tailstock. You can tell whoever made them knows how to handle a sewing machine professionally, and the cloth has a nice soft feel to it.

One thing to be aware of…my lathe setup requires that the drive belt be left connected to my countershaft all the time, so any lathe cover I use will need to have a slit cut in it to allow the belt to come out from the headstock over to the countershaft. I never thought of that when I ordered the covers so when they arrived, I had to mark the slit placement and then I cut with a scissors. I then took the cover to my neighborhood seamstress – it’s a place that does fitting of wedding gowns and tuxedos and stuff like that. The lady said sure, and she proceeded to put a nice clean hem in the slit, and only charged me $7.00.

I wrote to the guy who sold me the covers, and mentioned that I paid to have hems put into a slit I had to cut, and he replied that if I had told him, he would have done all that for me!

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