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chris mabbott
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Hmm, Why do my serious posts always seem to take an exit onto the road to drinking or general gallivanting 😆

Thanks for your replies gents, I’m doing this on a phone so please excuse any grammatical/spelling errors..

David, out of all those words, you picked up on Bud 😆 but yes, you’re right, a loose term in reference to beer, I was going to use suds, but it always reminds me of soap. We also call Budweiser, Buttwiper, mainly due to the effect the following day ;)

Paul, again, thank you for the offer and I will keep that in mind.

William, stay tuned for my daft bat revelation….

When I received this watch, I think two years ago, It had a load of things wrong…

Balance staff
4 out of 7 jewels
Broken regulator
Broken hands
No crystal

And obviously, this spring. Well, I’ve just discovered, as I forked out for digital parts manuals, that it was missing the click!! So I actually have the correct click spring. The problem lay in… When it arrived, someone had Jobbed a home made click in the form of a wire, that had broken. The original click was gone, thanks to my new parts catalogs, I saw the part and found a NOS replacement, so problem solved 🙄

But thank you all for the helpful suggestions, I’m sure I’ll need them in the near future.. Oh, and for the beer tip ;)