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bernie weishapl
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I know what you mean Ed. I had one of those when I first started and will say I finally did get it working. It was a good thing it was my clock because I would have had to charge $1500 for all the hours I spent on it but I looked at it as I gained experience on it. You will get it. One other thing you can do is to leave the verge out after you assemble the clock. Take the chain wheel or wind a couple of winds on the mainspring. See if it will go. It should take off and wind down. If it stops immediately or soon after you start it, you still have something binding. Generally when I have these problems with the time side I just assemble the clock with the time train. Once I find the problem and correct it then I will assemble the rest of the clock. Add the verge and see what happens.

I had one yesterday that was a older kenizle wall clock about 1920’s. I had taken it down for the usual repairs, clean and oil. It ran on the test stand strong and really well. So I added the dial and hands. I put it in the clock case and it stopped within 5 minutes. To make a long story short what I found was the I hadn’t seated the chime cam gear that lifts the strike lever on center arbor enough so when I put the minute hand on it was binding on the hour hand. I seated the gear lower on the arbor and it has been working great since. It need to be seated about another 1/64″ and all is good.