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Hi Arutha.

I know what you are saying and I do research which movements are better than others. This is one that I never heard of and didn’t do my homework on it, I will now though. I haven’t been on eBay for the last three weeks. In actuality I’m concentrating on what I currently have in m y arsenal. (Current stock.) :) Also if it makes much difference, most of my experience with clocks have been with 30 day movements and as we both know most of them or of Asian and or Hispanic construction. Now that I am venturing out to more European movements I just have to do more research as they pass my way. 💡 With this Mauthe, I never ever heard of the name until now. I didn’t even know that was the name when I seen it. My concern was focused on the stamped #’s 45/100.

With this particular movement although it being a decent movement it has seen better days. Again I tore it down and this time totally. 1 bushing fell out from somewhere and I can’t find a place for it. I polished and inspected all of the pivot ends, escapement wheel is in good shape and checked the pendulum where I noticed that apparently it was broken at one time and someone welded it back together. May not even be the right one. I say this movement has seen better days due to the poor workmanship that I have been seeing. It’s obvious to me that most work done on it was done by a “WATCHBREAKER” as opposed to a watchmaker. 😯 It’s still doing the same thing but worse, now instead of running and gradually coming to a halt it just stops as if a gear has jammed with another instead of meshing as they should. I have also made several adjustments to the pallet fork all to no avail. I’m going to continue to play with it but I may just purchase another one and use this one for a training device. I want the clock to run, can’t sell it broken. I want it running but I am also determined to figure out what’s up with this current movement. Once repaired correctly, I can place it into another cabinet. :) I’ll keep you abreast of my progress. Thanks for your help and info.

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