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chris mabbott
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It does Paul, you’re absolutely correct, and at first my foot used to auto increase the RPM 😮 I put a piece of flexi rubber between the pedal and the base, I had to mess around cutting it to get the slow RPM but once I had it measured, I just slip it in when I do pivot work. I also use this same motor for my Lorch lathe and I have it mounted on a nice mini vice for quick changing between the two.

I do like the bow and the hand crank, I really admire the guys that can use one hand to perform micro technical work and still have the coordination to keep it all together. Unfortunately, I’m not that guy 😆 I can walk, chew gum and smoke though, but one handed lathe work, forget me 😳

It’s like my ex-father in law, he restored antique cars for clients. Most of the models that had hand cranked engines, he converted to electric start on request 😆