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chris mabbott
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You’re welcome, If I have some time later I’ll try to post a photo of a typical setup for this tool. I know when I was trying to find some, ANY info, there wasn’t much, it was like a closely guarded secret 😆

Another thing I should mention, is that IF you are simply re-polishing already burnished pivots, i.e. you are repairing a watch and wish to clean up dirty pivots, You DO NOT want much pivot sticking up over the V slot, your goal is to merely smooth it and polish.
With this in mind, what I do is to simply eyeball it once mounted & not use the gauge, I only want about 1% of the pivot surface showing over the V as so not to alter the dimensions. This is my method only, not the official one.

This can also be accomplished by trying different V slots and then placing your flat burnisher across the channel while gently moving it back and forth, you want slight rotation of the mounted staff.

Throw away the bow, until you’re really comfortable and proficient with two hands. After, you can make like the old timers with bow and oil lamp 😆

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