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chris mabbott
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That sounds like it might be missing some parts Bob? Does it have two holes in the brass frame at one end, and a larger hole at the other end of the frame?

I have this same named French/Swiss model jacot tool, and although there are a few variations, the design should be the same.

I actually adiosed the bow, I mean, great, the olde timers used it before electricity, but for me it was too clumsy. I hook mine to a foot controlled small motor, low RPM. I use a simple elastic band for a drive belt, keep it loose so it can slip, works like a charm.

These take a lot of practice, I screwed up three perfectly good pieces on my first attempts, that was with the bow. Since using the motor, Alle ist gut :)

Post those pics buddy, lets have a look see at what you have..


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