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Hi Tim @mailail1 So nice to meet you! Welcome to our happy forum group!

Thank you so much for your encouraging compliment! That boosts my “happy–learning” self! :D I’m absolutely enjoying my experience as a “fledgling” watchmaker! My hubby is a Gun Smith, and together we’ve done a lot of planning for opening a home business that we corporate many intenties with doing lathe work for parts for guns, and lathe work on the clocks.. and then my stained glass into clock cabinets and he will be doing woodworking so we can also build clocks. We are so excited and can hardly wait! In the meantime…we need practice, practice, practice! He is retired but we’ve only just begun!

Right now, I’m looking to buy a large collection of watches that a friend has collected over time! The last ones I got from her, there was a ladies Gruen watch that dates back to 1938! So this next set she has, I’m certain will have some awesome vintage watches among the quartz watches. I don’t mind working on quartz watches.. they can basically be cleaned and stick in a new battery. I’ve taken them apart and it’s fun to figure them out! So, anyway.. lots of things to look forward to!

Please keep in touch! These guys are a bunch of “characters” for sure! 🙄 I remember when I first started here in March of 2014, the guys was wondering if there were any ladies in the forum and then I showed up! They said “Okay guys, we have to behave… we have a lady present”!! 😆 They’ve been more than helpful, and I’ve had a couple of guys send me tools, books and a cuckoo clock! I’ve been blessed! So, it’s been fun!

Blessings to you and I pray you have great and multiplied success in all that you do!


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