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Hi guys! :D

Here’s my next update!

The J hook attaching wire that was stuck in the pivot was the culprit! I rerouted the wire and brought it back up from underneath in another angle, and the governor engages on schedule! YAY!!

I don’t have a way at the moment to set the movement on a stand until Mike makes me one that will work for me. I did support the movement on the edge of my table.. holding it as level as I could, and with the pendulum on it, it was ticking along fine. I moved the hands to the warn position and let the time start the striking, and it’s doing what it needs to do!

So, I have a clock that runs! Once I get it up in a holder, I can then test the pendulum to see if it stays running.

I’ve got the clock laying in my tray with the short pendulum arm and the striker gong, and with my hand swinging the pendulum, it is doing very well.