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Hi Bernie!

Actually, as I was fitting the gears in, I did make sure the pinions were free to move up and down. I don’t think there are any bent pivots. I was careful not to force any pinions. Mainly the governor arbor itself was a little fussy going in, but did okay. Also, I made sure I wasn’t bending or binding any teeth. It actually went together very well.

It was running free before I was using the gun oil. I can move the strike arm without using the main hand arbor, and it does spin freely. I think it’s the oil I’m using. I will make sure all the gears are mesh, and keep working it manually. I do have the springs wired, and will leave them in for awhile yet. It does tic and toc, which it wasn’t doing when I got the clock. I had the pendulum on and it was working, the escape wheel and verge is doing good. I’m actually well pleased that it is working! That’s a great accomplishment for me! I might loosen the frame screws a little and work the gears a little, maybe it will help re align them if they are a little off. Everything does move, just slow. And I know partly because the spring hasn’t got much power in it with a few turns.