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bernie weishapl
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Peggy I would be a little careful about bending stuff and IMHO no WD 40 in a clock. To me that is a no-no. There has to be something wrong like William said maybe a bent pivot. I do not take of the mainspring restraints under it has run at least 2 days with no problemss with the mainspring only wound 1/2 up or less. If the time and strike won’t run on less the halfway wound up then it is time to take a look at what could be the problem. Bending levers is my last resort. So my first check would be to rewire the mainsprings and let off the power then check your fly and see what is making it drag. Whenever I get a movement back together I lay it flat and take a small screwdriver to lift each wheel. If you lift them up they should fall right back down. If they don’t you have a bent or damaged pivot. Every wheel should have free movement. As for striking exactly on the hour if you want dead perfect then yes you could adjust the J arm. If it is striking within a couple of minutes before the hour I never mess with them.

As for the oil if I had only gun oil or 3 in 1 I definitely would use the 3 in 1. I have found some gun oils sometimes also have graphite in it which can gum things up. As was said no WD 40.

Let us know what you find Peggy.

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