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Hey Peggy, W-D40 would not be something you want to put on, What it seems like to me is that there is a bent pivot, a sluggish fly (governor) means it is not getting power all the way thru the train, also check for anything that might be out of place or binding in the strike train, the fly should have some tension on the arbor and not freely spin to do its job properly.

yes bending the J hook is the way to adjust for the top of the hour strike. using a old narrow blade straight screwdriver with a 3/32 wide or so and at least that deep slot filed into the end makes for a great tool for bending these types of wires, round the edges a bit so it doesnt leave gouges in the wires.

The guys give great advice about leaving the mainsprings captured, I will even test run for a day or 2 with them on just in case there is a issue I can quickly just let down the mainspring again and address the problem, saves time. William

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