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🙄 🙄 :D :D Well….

I got the movement back together! The strike does work like it should, and I hung the pendulum and it does tick tock! I did unwire both springs and it is doing fine.

I’m having a little problem with the governor on the strike wanting to not start like it is trying to gum up on me. I have to give it a finger nudge. Mike said that the gun oil he let me use would work good, but evidently it is not.. the governor was running good at first and then when I put the hands on it to test run, it acted like it wanted to be off strike time. So I took the hands and pendulum off, and tested some more. The strike is in sync with the hands, but the governor is sluggish.

The center arbor acts like I need to loosen the nuts and see if I can move it a cog or two, it kind of hangs up on the j hook. Would giving the j hook a slight bend.. be a ‘no no’? The gun oil is pretty much what we have available, other than 3 in 1 machine oil. I did go ahead and recapture the mainsprings again, so I can fine tune the governor some more.

I may see if a little wd40 on just the governor would help loosen it up some…?? Then see about a lighter oil.

Overall I’m well pleased with my progress! Any suggestions on the governor?

Here’s what I got done today!

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