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A couple of days ago, on my first try to set the strike timing, I did it well and it was striking properly. I then started adding the timing gears one wheel at a time…being careful not to lift up the plates too far and losing the positioning of the striking gears. I had got to the very last piece which was the verge piece, and uh oh! I couldn’t quite get it in there, and the strike side came out of their pivot holes. I worked so desperately to re-align them into the holes. but just couldn’t get it done! So I ended up just starting all over!

I have 2 questions… on the center hand arbor, those two pegs on it.. one is shorter than the other.. which one is the hour peg, the long one? And how should I have it lined up? Should the long one be after the jay hook or ahead of it? I;m struggling to get in sync again! Maybe I’m trying too hard! 🙄

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