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Howdy all! 🙄 :D

Here’s my next update. I spent awhile practicing to see how the striking mechanisms go back in. Bob had a video on a similar Seth Thomas, so it helped to understand how to put it back into proper strike time. But I was not finished checking all the pivots.. I just wanted to make sure I was understanding, and got it to work! :D :D

I then tackled the mainsprings. The time mainspring was the one not working, but after cleaning both the time and strike, I was surprised to find that the ‘working’ strike spring—was actually worse on the rust ❗ But, I got them both cleaned, oiled and remounted.

I won’t tell ya how I got the mainsprings wound! It would freak y’all out! 😮 😯 :? 🙄 😆 I call it ‘improvising” ❗
But it was done safely. I had one wire come off and unwound one spring and I had to rewind it again.. uggg! But I was determined to win!!! 😆

Now I’m about ready to assemble the movement with the final fitting of the mechanism, then oil and check the running. Then remount in the clock and make sure it keeps time for a few day!

Later! :D