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Hi Paul!

Thank you for your encouragement! I just want to just clean them up a little bit. The stone I’m using is a super fine stone that really isn’t doing much to them anyway. I am aware of trying not doing too much filing because of the reason you said about reducing the size of the metal. It hasn’t shown hardly any thing with my weak hand efforts anyway. ;) Actually I’ve only done the pivot on the verge pin, and it showed no change to it anyway. Actually the rust they show has built up on the pivot pins, and just a little cleaning will let them sit in the holes better. Many of the pivot pins are black due to the age and lack of care over the years.

I take your advice to heart, and my hubby pretty much is telling me the same thing you are, so I’m being very cautious of not overdoing. Please continue to advise as you have been. It helps me to think ahead, and do it right!

You’re my buddy! :D

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