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Hi guys!

Here’s my next update! Today, I took the time to figure the combination of the gearing!
Got it right! The pivot holes look pretty good, so no need to think about any new bushings. I will go through each pivot now and hone and polish off the rust and rough spots. Mike let me use his gun honing stones.

I also was in the process of taking the time mainspring off the arbor gear, and the wire slipped off, and the spring opened. It didn’t jump or surprise me, I had a good hold on it so it was easy to allow it to finish expanding. The spring will need some cleaning and buffing because it does have rust spots on it. I’ll clean it good, lubricate it and put it back on. It looks in good condition otherwise. I had wondered if it had ‘set’ but it didn’t. So I believe this clock will tick again!

And finally, I thought I’d have Mike take a pic of me at work at my bench (bed table)! 😆 🙄 :D

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