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bernie weishapl
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Peggy filing the hole will definitely make it to big. There are only two ways IMHO that you can accurately do pivots and keep them accurate. You will need to file the hole in the opposite way the power is pulling the wheel the same amount as the wear. Be careful and don’t file to much. Then either slowly broach the hole till you can tap a bushing in or use a bushing tool. By filing the exact amount the opposite of the wear the bushing cutter or broach will center in the hole. You don’t want to mess with the mesh of the wheel and pinion. If you get off one way or the other the wheel and pinion could mesh to deep and stop the clock from striking or running. Then you have no choice but to install a blank bushing and use a depthing tool such as this. I have a webster and just had to use it last month on a clock that came in with the bushings off and it would run a few minutes and stop. Like William I used to hand bush all the time but in my old age have gotten lazy. It takes a precise and steady hand. Have fun.

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