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Hi William!

That clock does look like what I’ve got! Can you get me a closer-up view? Maybe you can use your “Paint” program and be able to get it larger. How I do it is drag a box around the main view I’m needing, copy to clip board, then click the reverse until page is blank, then paste the pic back onto the page, and drag the sides to the pic. that way it explodes the view without distorting the pixels that the normal zooming would do. Then click and save the pic. Or, with the pic on the clipboard, just open a new Paint page, drag sides to fit and save.

I’m sort of limited to get any bushing repairs or tools, but I’m not in a big hurry on getting it finished. I’m sure Mike has some fine files that are small enough and it may work for it. I do know there is one pivot hole starting to go out of round. I don’t know if a quick filing would make it too big. I’ll take a closer look at them and see what I can do on it.

I haven’t opened the mainsprings yet since I’m short on desk room at the moment. I live in a very small travel trailer, and so I’m just trying to get a learning curve started here to give me something to work on. :D