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Hey Peggy, I think it was Paul who posted some time ago about using a block of wood, pinvise, and a fine file or buff stick and burnisher to do pivot polishing, very inexpensive, quick and great experience to have. to do bushings as Bob videos shows is also a inexpensive way to go, that is how I first did them, I also know some of the guys here with alot of experience prefer to do the bushings by hand (Im too lazy). If your pivots are rough then it will only cause more wear and trouble down the road. I just did a small desk clock that stopped intermittently, problem was the escape wheel and lever (pin pallet escapement) had worn bushings and the guard pin was hitting the roller when they wiggled closer together, there is no other way around getting it to run right without putting in new bushings, Here is a photo, only one I have, of one of my first Seth Thomas clocks I did, it has 8 1/4 stamped on the lower right leg, other than that I am not sure of the model #, maybe this will helpWilliam