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Hi William! :D

For the most part the pivots are okay. I’ve tried to fine sand and smooth them as I don’t have access to the bushing tool or lathe to smooth them. Some of the pivots are blackish in color, some were a little rusty, but they are not sloppy in the holes. Some of the bushings that have been put in there from whoever repaired the clock years ago.. are starting to show some side wear. I’m not in a hurry to put it back together at this point. She said I could practice with it anyway. I’m just trying to figure the combination to put them back together. Mahlon gave me a pic for the configuration, but some of the holes don’t fit right according to the pic, and I’m having to work in the mechanisms and catches too. But, I’m having fun with it. I will continue with working it out and make it come together like it should be. I’m going to buy some of those books that Mahlon suggested.. next week, so it’s coming along slowly. :D ;)