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hey Peggy, lookin good, you have come a long way already!

How do the pivots and bushings look? any wear? one of the more important things to address in my opinion

it is very possible the mainspring would be o.k., it is very seldom (percentage wise) that I have found them to be bad in these American movements, unless maybe in your case where they may be rusty, you will have to remove them to be able to tell, difficult to get rusty ones back into good shape and with the cost of a pair of them while the movement is apart it is always worth putting in new if there is any question at all. @peggy332014 wrote:

It was the one wound tight which kept the clock from working

most likely a series of other things adding up to not running, pivots, bushings, out of beat, gunk, mainspring sticky ect…ect….when you first observed the movement did the escape wheel have any power to it?

Have a great day, William

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