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Hi David!

I’m new at this, just started a few weeks ago with the course. I’ve had some clock shop experience many years ago. My landlord at that time was a clock and watch doctor. I would help him with his shop every morning, coming in and winding the clocks that needed winding, and I’d greet customers and process their repair orders and stuff like that. I’ve always had a fascination to learn how to repair them myself. I didn’t do repairs myself, but I sure watched him do it, and he’d tell me some things on the process and I did get to handle his parts inventory, so it was quite an experience for me.

I’m purposing in opening my own shop in the near future as part of the many shops my husband and I plan on doing. We call ourselves Great Abundance Genesis Smith Shops. Gunsmithing, metalworking, wood shop… making things, clock making, mosaics, stained glass, and jewelry making and repairs. All of these compliment each other, because we can take the clocks and set them in homemade cabinetry, putting stained glass on some grandfather clocks… the possibilities are endless!