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Yes, it’s stamped as a 89a.

I was so careful to lift up the plate a little at a time like Bob shows, and being it’s been in the weather for a long time, it was kind of stuck. I had lifted the plate just enough to start getting the time gears out one at a time, and was doing good at first, then that last little tug on the plate, it came up and the other gears kind of fell out. Well, good for me! Now I have a puzzle to put together!

Ya, i used the wire to capture the mainsprings. Overall it wasn’t bad at all, all the gears are good, just a little rusty on the pivots, but I did take a little smooth sand paper and smoothed them out. This clock has been repaired before. I saw at least 6 new bushings that someone had put in it at one time. On the back of the clock face, it says the person’s name from St Louis in 1996. That probably was who repaired it.

More later!