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chris mabbott
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This is a good idea Tom and I’ve done the same myself, but then the cost of 8 sets of bergeon blades, I got the steel ones, not the SS type, is about 70 pounds, at least from cousins, they’re around 9 something for a pack of one size and I needed 8 sizes.

The cost of a bergeon screwdriver set, 9 pieces with four spare blades of each size on a swivel base, was 85 pounds, so I decided to go that route this time as screwdrivers are the main tool you use all the time. This being said, there is a noticeable difference in build quality.
The set I’ve been using for years (with bergeon blades) was not a total cheapy set but not expensive either, but experiencing the difference now, I should have spent the bit extra for the good set, as it does make a difference.

What I’m going to do with my old set eventually is to make brass tips for them, just for starting screws, that’s when I always slip lol