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Hey mahlon! Ya, I do know what it’s like sleeping on air mattresses. Fortunately for the most part, when I’d go to church retreats, we had bunk beds and a fire place in the Hall auditorium. They had heaters in the dorms, but usually were turned down. I hated getting up from my sleeping bag to take a shower, which was not all that warm either.

Cooking for all them sounds like a busy time! I did a Thanksgiving dinner for our church one time. Lot’s of work! But it’s for a good cause! We did many a spaghetti dinners too. I used to live in Blythe Ca, and every year our church would have a River Float. Many churches came and we spent 3 days out there putting on some guest speakers for the youth rally, feasts in the cafeteria, and top it off floating down the Colorado River! Got burnt to a crisp, but we all had fun! Blew up a bunch of inner-tubes for everybody! My husband and I did the boat thing.. being out there in our boat for the swimmers if they got tired or cold. We had about 5 boats all together so there were plenty of help. We averaged 200 floaters every year!

Praise God for those Salvations!

Thanks for the ‘heads up’ on the time and strike! I’ll remember that!