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chris mabbott
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Thanks gents.

Just a quick update… It was running perfectly, maybe loosing 15-30 seconds in 24 hrs, I was surprised. I let it wind down, still ok.
On the second full wind, same thing, good… Third full wind it started to act funny, lost about 30 mins all of a sudden?

I figured cannon pinion, so I tightened it, seemed to work fine for 12 hours, now it runs good, as in keeps perfect time, for a few hours, then suddenly it loses 15 mins?

I also noticed in the positional test that it changed noise, this can be normal, but when I checked, it seemed that the HS was just touching the HS pin in the face down pos.. adjusted, noise gone, but still loosing time, suddenly.

I have a feeling that it’s the worn, raised plate bushing on the lower MS barrel pinion, maybe that is sticking causing a loss/delay of power when it reaches a certain point? It is also a little tight to wind, so maybe it is in this area… Stay tuned..

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