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@Chris Mabbott wrote:

I also don’t pull off the balance assembly with the HS still attached

I never used to until once when pushing out the stud the balance moved and I pushed the stud down on to the arm of the balance hard enough to break the pivot. It was on a platform on a customers clock so I had to cut a new balance staff for it. Since then I always remove it complete, carefully, and support the balance as I move it, lay it upside down on the bench, twist the boot so the hairspring is free from that, mount the cock on the balance tack and then push out the stud.
As with everything, we find our own ways of doing things but I would like to point out if the hairspring is fine, like the type in a ladies wrist watch, then it wont support the balance and needs to be done Chris’s way or support the balance as you lift it out complete with the cock.