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chris mabbott
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I remember reading somewhere that back in the day, the watch repairers were given a few carefully measured drops of oil from the main container and that was enough to lube quite a few watches. Beware if you ran out 😳

That being said, Perplxr has some good vids and he’s obviously a knowledgeable and patient fellow, but, I do things differently than he does on this particular watch, for example, I would never remove the cock with the balance still in motion, if anything is going to FU, it will happen while it’s moving. I also don’t pull off the balance assembly with the HS still attached, although many do. I also don’t pry the parts off with a sharp screwdriver, nor remove the delicate pallet fork from under the main plate, nor do I kinda twist off in a side to side motion the cannon pinion, the list goes on for me, but that is this persons way and he gets the job done so…. 🙄