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Thanks again to all.

Paul I am still arranging here and there but probably 15 yrs 😆 to get it where it is now. I have to tell you a story Paul. It may be my age but anyway I ordered 4- 3/4″ X .0165″ X 96″ mainsprings. Got them in and fixed the clock I was working on. I told myself put these where you will find them because I had another clock in line that had a broke mainspring. Well a week or two later I started on the clock. Yep you guessed it. I could not find those mainsprings to save my soul. So rather than waste a day looking I just ordered 4 more. Of course they came in and I went to the shop to finish the clock. I sat down and looked straight ahead. Yes there were the two I was looking for right in front of me. 🙄 😆 So don’t feel bad.

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