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chris mabbott
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The main thing is, are you happy with it? At the end of the day, that is all that matters and it also depends on your reasons for purchasing it, pleasure or profit.

Usually on other collector/knowledge sites the “norm” is not to discuss or disclose the financial details of ones purchase, I suppose so that it doesn’t become about money & some people can become intimidated by it. I’m not sure how the other members feel about that aspect but personally I choose not to discuss price, but I’m sure if it is verboten then Bob or Paul will chime in ;)
On the other hand, a general discussion regarding the price of objects that we have NOT purchased, is usually an acceptable practice.
Just my two cents.

But I do like your watch, very nice pick up, I am very partial to Hampdens which tend to get lost in the Hamilton spotlight, but are, in my opinion, on equal footing with their more popular cousins.

I think the history of the Hampden humble beginnings and its subsequent acquisition by John C Dueber shows how he was a very shrewd businessman, ruthless, a survivor who absolutely loved himself, you can tell the extent of his narcissism by the twin identical factories he built and also by naming a line of movements after himself, RR grade of course :) He was the definition of the micro manager and according to accounts he was involved in every facet of the manufacturing process, down to the inscriptions on the movements. He was also one of the first that utilized the trend of publicly slagging off his competition to better his own business. He survived an anti trust court ruling made by his competitors within the case making industry by purchasing controlling shares in the Hampden watch Co, He prospered during the war and during the depression, subsequently selling the company to a person who went bankrupt 2 years later, a real fighter and true character.

I think this is what Hampden watches embody, at least for me, JCD’s gregarious nature.

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