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@david pierce wrote:

I have used naptha in my ultrasonic for awhile and it does a pretty good job. I buy it by the gallon from Home Depot and it is a lot less expensive than the well known designer label watch cleaner. The problem I have had with watches is some watches that have been sitting around for awhile form white waxy globs that are difficult to dissolve. Sometimes I will pull a part out of the ultrasonic cleaner and it looks spotless but when I put it under a microscope I see them, especially around the balance jewel. This should not present a problem for a clock because a clock has so much power compared to a watch. The globs will probably prove beneficial and help lubricate the moving parts. They look like tiny white grease balls. For hairsprings I run them in the ultrasonic with naptha and then rinse them in laquer thinner. I lay them on a piece of paper towel to dry. I do not put the laquer thinner in the ultrasonic cleaner. I did finally get an L & R spin cleaner and had a tough time finding jars that would take the basket. I ended up getting Ball Pint Jars (with lids) and had to twist off the three little knobs on the basket. I will have to make some plastic inserts to align the jars in the holes in the base of the L&R cleaner.

I am seeing those globs as well. Interestingly, I see them more often on old pieces. I wonder if it might be residue from whale oil lubrications… I would like to know from wence this stuff comes. :?


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