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Wise words Bob,
I agree with Bob, but I use ammonia, soft soap and water in my ultrasonic (10ml of pure ammonia in 3 ltrs of water), it does what I want it to do and I use such a small amount of ammonia it is unlikely to be doing hardly any, if any damage at all. It is important to make sure the mech is rinsed properly if using ammonia as if you dont it will carry on working on the brass and that is bad. Oleic acid from what I have read is just there to help preserve the cleaned brass, it helps to hold back the tarnish. I have got some but have not yet tried adding it to my mix yet. If you are happy with what you are using to clean your clocks/watches then that is fine but if you are unsure what effect the chemicals may be having on the brass/steel then do a little research on the net, it dont take long and its always best to know you are not doing any damage.

I posted a while back about using brake and clutch cleaner instead of one-dip. It is basically the same stuff, trichloroethylene. Dries fast and doesn’t leave any residue. I have been using it for a couple of years now and I don’t know about where you are but 5 litres of this stuff in the UK works out around the same price as one tiny pot of one-dip. It is also great for degreasing and removal of wd40 before going in the cleaning solution. I also use it for nasty mainsprings before cleaning them off and re-lubing. It evaporates very quickly and a cereal bowl full left out overnight will be gone by the morning so air tight lids on things for storage. Its not good to use it bare skinned, prolonged exposure every day can lead to liver problems so wear nitrile gloves as it doesn’t melt those but it will melt latex gloves. It also comes in aerosol cans which are handy for keeping my breath fresh :)

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