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Hey guys, been thinking about this thread for awhile and have come to some of my own conclusions.
The thing that came to mind was when I had first started out cleaning clocks (horologicaly speaking), I did some web searches on cleaning clock movements and after searching for hours on end I was just as confused as when I started, there is alot of opinions out there about all kinds of elixirs and potions, I too checked out the local hardware store and read all the labels on cleaning solutions, still was not happy. I think I was afraid of the effect a unproven product. I then joined Bobs course, I was amazed that Bob actually give out the formula for mixing up a clock cleaning solution, anywhere else was like pulling teeth to get any info on it…the big secret it seemed to be….I decided that the proper approach was to copy Bobs formula and advice…

I mixed up the recommended cleaning solution for awhile, since then I have been using the concentrated clock cleaning solution called Historic timekeepers for a couple of reasons.

1. sold on the market as a clock cleaning solution
2. is actually cheaper and easier, why? the time it took looking for the right ingredients and mixing it all up.
3.I am not a scientist or chemist and do not have the time to conduct a thorough test of products and their effects in a horological setting.

I am not promoting Historic timekeepers solution, I am promoting proven products and techniques for horological applications.

It may be a initial investment but it is also a proven product. I have cleaned over 400 clocks and purchased a total of 5 gallons of concentrate, doing the math I get 3, 2-1/2 gallons of solution out of approximately $40.00 per gallon of concentrated solution. so it lasts for approximately 26.6 clocks before I change it. As a business the cost per clock is only $1.50 per clock, if I was doing this as a hobby one gallon of concentrate would last several years depending on how enthusiastic I was. I do not see any reason to try and hunt down a alternative, it really wont save you that much money, and as for keeping it simple for newcomers I make the suggestion of sticking with a quality proven product or method. With the pocket watches I use a quality proven product also.
I would like to hear what Bob has to say, not only because he is older and grayer but because I believe he has the experience.

Thanks for listening, William

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