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Hey Bernie, I dilute it, I never use straight ammonia or anything else without diluteing it for a 1st time use. I also thought the same thing. I use it some because I thought it gave the brass a little more shine. Most of the products I use are mostly for de-greasing. That seems to be a biggie with me. I use to use Zep a long time ago when I was working with automobile engines. Non scented and it really worked. But now days I don’t have much faith in it. In the same aspect, I would not use awesome for engine parts. Don’t think it’s strong enough. But mild enough for what we do. Does Zep leave any kind of residue/film or discoloration afterwards? I’ve just never used any scented products. Well got to go and get some sleep for now. Will be talking at cha later. fair well to all.

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