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bernie weishapl
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Well one of these days when my shop gets cleaned up as it is a mess, oh heck I will post some pictures. If you don’t like the mess then don’t look. 😆 I give my shop a good cleaning once a year maybe twice. Spring and fall.

You will like the microset and you don’t have to be to computer literate. I am not for sure and if I can do it you can. It is amazing that you can see escape wheel problems once you get used to seeing it on a computer screen. I had a bent escape wheel tooth that I didn’t see when cleaning and oiling the clock but did catch it when timing it. I watched the screen and when I seen the blip I looked at the wheel. Sure enough a slightly bent tooth. Also you can save all those screens to a file so if you run across another of the same clock you can compare the saved data.

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